Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Stealing is a sin, when you die you go to hell
Thief / Stealing is a sin, when you die you go to hell

This week’s challenge is The Sign Says.

After taking my dzuhr prayer at Factory Outlet – Serpong – Tangerang –  Indonesia to bought some cloths some weeks ago, I stumbled across this sign, close to the back entrance door. The sentence is in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), in English it can be translated : THIEF / STEALING IS A SIN, WHEN (YOU) DIE HELL WILL ACCEPT (YOU).  Actually it would be more common if the writer write : STEALING IS A SIN. YOU WILL GO TO HELL WHEN YOU DIE. It’s a kind of a naïve warning, actually. Well, this kind of sign would simply be ignored by anyone who doesn’t believe in punishment afterlife. If the thief let’s say believe in so, they will not steal in the first place. They steal because they don’t believe it or do not really care even if they believe so. It would be better, I think, if the sign content a warning that stealing is against the law, and whoever does it will be punished in jail. Whatever the thief’s believe, he or she will be brought to the court in the name of the law. It would be appropriate if the sign is located in a religious place, like masjid (mosque) or other holy places that believes in afterlife punishment not in a factory outlet 🙂

Well, the sign tells that the writer is a naïve, believe in punishment after life, and hope that this sign will turn someone’s evil intention, somehow. It may not be effective, but  it’s kind of rather a polite and modest warning.

What do you think, dear reader?