How to Import Movies from DSLR Camera to iMovie in iPad

Guys, if you have a DSLR camera, recording some movie from it, and want to import the movies file to iMovie in iPad, here is what I found out. (If you have a better alternative way, please share it in the comment).

  1. Copy .MOV from your external storage (SD card or anything) to your PC/laptop
  2. Use a tool to convert your MOV to MP4. I use a free great app, Freemake Video Converter (
  3. Click on + Video button (on top) to load your MOV file
  4. Click to Apple button (at bottom) to convert it to MP4
  5. Open iTunes in your PC/Laptop
  6. Connect your iPad to your PC/Laptop
  7. Copy your MP4 after conversion to a folder that will be synced with iTunes
  8. From Photos tab, sync the folder that contain your MP4. Ensure you tick the Include Videos checkbox
  9. Open your iMovie, and whenever you create a trailer or a project, your MP4 are ready

Have a great movie project using your great lenses!

Freemaker Vide Converter