Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

This week’s challenge is Fleeting.

Freezing a fleeting moment
Freezing a fleeting moment

Couple weeks ago I woke up early in the morning and grabbed my camera after Fajr prayer. I asked my brother in law, Angga, to go with me. We went to Pamulang Lake, close to his house, and found a man catching fishes with his net. I asked him about the man’s name, but he doesn’t know exactly. He just knows that he is called Ki Jongkok (squat). Before he throws his net, he always in a squat position. Since he was quite far from the lake side, I used a tele lense (70-200 mm) to captured his fleeting action when throwing the net.

I uploaded this image to Pixoto and got the best of the week photo last week by the community. This is the second image that got some award from Pixoto community. Here is the first image.

Talking about fleeting moment, actually this entire life is a fleeting moment, compare to the eternal life of after life. Before our time come, we should give the best to the world, according our believe, of course.

Quran surah Al Ashr (The Declining Day):

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By  time,
Indeed,  mankind  is  in  loss,

Except  for  those  who  have  believed  and  done  righteous  deeds  and  advised  each other  to  truth  and  advised  each  other  to  patience.

Quran surah Al Mu’minun (The Believers):

[ Allah ]  will  say,  “How  long  did  you  remain  on  earth  in  number  of  years?”


They  will  say,  “We  remained  a  day  or  part  of  a  day;  ask  those  who  enumerate.” (Fleeting moment, right?)

He  will  say,  “You  stayed  not  but  a  little  –   if  only  you  had  known.
Then  did  you  think  that  We  created  you  uselessly  and  that  to  Us  you  would  not  be returned?”
The verses were quoted from here.