Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

In your photo this week, focus on the win, the victory — that moment of glory and pride you’ll remember forever.

Three months ago, me and my colleagues went to Mount Rinjani (3726 m above sea level, second highest mountain in Indonesia) for trekking. This was my second trekking after trekking at Mount Gede (2958 m above sea level).

Around 2:00 AM in the morning, in the middle of cold and windy weather we must woke up and prepare everything for summit attack. Some of my colleagues couldn’t continue to reach the summit for several reasons. It took me 9 hours to tell my self to continue, to not balking from our goal. It was really-really hard. The ground was sandy and forcing me to step back by gravity. But the summit is right in front of my eyes. Take little steps. Stop when you almost running out of breath. Continue with baby steps but just don’t stop. Finally I cried there, remembering my belated father who was love trekking too, and thanking Allah SWT for giving me enough power to reach the summit.

Here is my victory moment…

Syukur Alhamdulillah
Syukur Alhamdulillah