Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Concrete in B/W

Several months ago I went to Singapore for a short business trip with my colleague. I managed to take some pics of Singapore concretes during my lunch time. Here are the pics taken in B/W.


I always love to walk and enjoy the Singapore trip. Concretes anywhere. But no village view at all and no mountain view. Here in Indonesia, you can get hill / mountain view when you are bored with concrete in Jakarta.

See the contrast below:


My wife at Bat Cave near my hometown


Paddy field

This posting is my contribution on this challenge. 3rd Monday is always Black and White.What do you think, which one you prefer?


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  1. A week in Singapore was all that I need to convince me how I love our country. Even Jakarta with all of its mess. Hehehehe. But I do appreciate how clean and order Singapore is

    • Agree! Many lecturers now facing difficulties finding job since not many students enrolling subjects in universities. Singapore now too expensive to live and this causing married people to endure having kids. Soon the Japan syndrome will come to the country, probably.

  2. Beautiful captured. The buildings and surroundings are made even more engaging in monochrome. I’d appreciate if you would send me a link with your post on Monday, when you enter. I do not always get to go through my Reader each day. Delighted that you are part of the challenge’s photo community. Happy Photo Challenge.

  3. Those work well in B&W. How high is the little outcropping where your wife is sitting?? 🙂


  4. Langit dengan efek hitam putih selalu terlihat indah dan mistis. *melipir karena komen pakai bahasa indonesia*

  5. sangat humanis Mas foto-fotonya… sangat natural, apalagi yang pakai jilbab itu hahaha

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