Man of Steel Syndrome and Losing My Weight

Did you read my posting about my last year’s resolution? I posted it on 6th of January last year.

The goal was to lose at least 10 kg  in a year.

The plan was…

  1. to reduce consuming carbohydrate, especially at night.
  2. exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Last year, on 6th of Jan, my weight was 89 kg, and now I am 82 kg, meaning I lost 7 kg. But in the middle of the year my weight was 92 kg around March, so for the maximum weight in last year, I lost 10 kg.

For the plan, I did reducing carbohydrate consumptions, especially at night. I usually eat rice only during lunch time. Breakfast I usually take mung beans, wheat bread, or other carbs in less amount, and I avoid rice. I eat normal during lunch, take more vegetables, and less amount of rice. At night usually I just eat meat or fruits.

Now let’s see the statistic of my exercise last year:

2013 Exercise Summary
2013 Exercise Summary

So basically, in average, I spent around 20 minutes daily for doing exercise. That’s not bad, compared to my plan, 30 minutes a day.

Statistic of Exercise
Statistic of Exercise

As you can see in the above chart, after posting my resolution, I almost do nothing about it until June 2013. I put a low target and did small amount of exercise. Eat rice at night like crazy.

Suddenly, starting from June, I put a higher target and exercise many more than before June. What happened?

It’s because of Man of Steel. Yap. Henry Cavill.

I knew that Henry Cavill was in a good shape in Immortals (2011), but he was not in a good shape before he starred as Superman in Man of Steel. When Henry Cavill turned up on set, he had just finished shooting Immortals  and came sporting an extremely muscular and ultra-ripped physique. Director Mabrouk El Mechri told him that he had to play an ordinary man and that his current body would be completely wrong for the character. Henry Cavill had to lose all the muscle tone and mass that he gained over the previous six months to get his body to look like that of an average man. He did it by eating and drinking a lot and not working out. And how about his role in Man of Steel? Read the following trivia from IMDB:

Henry Cavill refused to take steroids to muscle up for the role. He also refused any digital touch-ups or enhancement to his body in his shirtless scenes. He said it would have been dishonest of him to use trickery while playing Superman and he wanted to push his body to the limits to develop his physique into one that was worthy of the character.

Henry Cavill said that the most difficult part of making the movie was definitely his two shirtless scenes. He had been training for months prior to filming began but for his shirtless scenes, he specially went on extremely difficult calorie restriction diet and training regime that cut his calorie intake from 5000 to near 1500 for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks he reached a body fat level of just 3% which is the level achieved by professional body-builders during competitions. Henry said this was done because he wanted to make his abs as pronounced and his muscles as defined as humanly possible to create the best possible Superman physique. Cavill returned to a more manageable routine after the scenes were shot but felt his effort was rewarded when audiences and critics alike praised his physique for the true embodiment of what Superman would look like. After he had shot his shirtless scenes, director Zack Snyder gave him a tub of ice cream and pizza to reward him for his Herculean effort for the shirtless scenes.

Henry Cavill embarked on a special four-month training regime by his trainer Mark Twight to get the appropriate physique for his roles as Kal-El. He gained weight by drinking 5 1000-calorie protein shakes a day, then he did cardiovascular workouts to burn away the fat and build muscle, and finally he underwent a grueling two-hour workout to build up his muscles and abdomen. According to Cavill, the real problem he faced was the workout’s intensity: “Mark based his technique on going beyond yourself. Instead of slowing down towards the end of the workout, he asked me to actually work harder and harder for the body to reach its limits. His point was that if his client is able to walk out of the gym, he had not worked hard enough…”

While coming up with the aesthetic of how the Superman physique should look, trainer Mark Twight said the he wanted the classic V shape – broad shoulders and narrow waist, which Henry Cavill naturally had, he just had to pack on more muscle to his frame. Additionally, he said he looked to Steve Reeves‘s physique in the film Hercules (1958) as a model for Superman, as to attain a Greek God ideal. Zack Snyder instructed Henry Cavill that his physique should look so great that in his shirtless scenes, he had to look like a “freak” and be in “absolutely crazy shape”. Zack Snyder was subsequently very impressed with the results of Henry Cavill‘s 11 month hard training and called his physique “a great accomplishment”. Henry Cavill said that even he was surprised by how big he looked in the film.

I thought that if Henry Cavill can do it, why can’t I? So what did I do? I googled Mark Twight, and found his amazing plan for Soldier of Steel.

Soldier of Steel
Soldier of Steel

Click here to download the PDF. I shared the file to my colleagues in the office, and they just said: WOW! We printed the one month schedule, and even I put those exercises in daily alert using Yahoo! Groups. We started to follow those, but we found it too difficult for beginners like us.

Since it was too difficult to follow, I searched different alternatives to start moving our body to be Man of Steel. I found Fitstar, an application in iOS. I started to do the exercise in the office after office hour. For the first or second exercise, everybody just smiled and laughed at me while doing the exercise using my iPad and the app. And one of my colleague started to join me. And after that the four of us started to burn calories daily for max 30 minutes. And after a month, two of us started to join a fitness club to burn more calories. I also installed Noom for Android and iOS, to track my food calories. I learned a lot from the app:

  1. Losing weight is more on manage the calorie in and calorie out. Losing 1 kg means burning 7000 calorie. You can achieve this in a week by burning 1000 calories a day (3 hours aerobic low impact or 2 hours aerobic high impact) or burning 500 calories and reduce your needs of daily calories by 500 calories.
  2. Carb diet is better than fat diet
  3. Eating more vegetables or anything with fiber, can reduce the amount of carbs we eat and more healthier

So I’ve been eating black/brown/red rice for lunch, replacing the notorious white rice 🙂 White rice causing blood sugar spike and can lead to diabetes. More fiber, meaning less portion to eat, since fuller in my stomach.

Three months after joining the fitness club, I challenged my self to climb a mountain (2958 m above sea level). See my pics here. That’s a huge of calories burning.

I avoided taking some diet pills nor special nutrition to lose weight since I need to change my life style. If I get bored with those pills and I don’t change my life style, I will gain my weight again. So to make it permanent I need to change the way I live. My life style.

Now it’s a new year, beginning of 2014. My new resolution is:

– Losing at least another 6  kg in maximum 6 months

The plan is:
– Increase the average of daily exercise, from 20 minutes to 30 minutes
– Increase the frequency of running, from none to at least once in a week, minimum 5 km, and track it using Endomondo
– Start doing abs workout using Runtastic Abs

Wish me luck! It’s really good to be a slimmer version of myself. How about you, dear Reader? Did you achieve your last year resolution? Tell us about your journey!

Mengkarantina Mama Minta Pulsa

Suka kesel sama SMS SPAM menyebalkan? Saya juga. Dari Mama Minta Pulsa, penipuan undian berhadiah, tawaran KTA, hingga jualan obat kuat, semuanya menyebalkan. Postingan kali ini akan berisi pengalaman saya dalam mengusir SMS pengganggu itu.

Kita mulai dengan Blackberry Torch 2.

Saya tidak berhasil mencari aplikasi Anti Spam di BB World. Akhirnya saya menggunakan fitur pamungkas sapu jagad di BB yaitu fitur firewall. Dengan fitur ini, maka semua SMS yang dikirim dari nomor tidak dikenal akan langsung dihapus. Sebagian besar SPAM memang berasal dari nomor yang belum kita simpan. Namun fitur ini menyebabkan teman kita yang ganti nomor dan memberitahu kita via sms tidak akan pernah masuk. Satu-satunya cara adalah mereka harus menelpon kita :). Langkah untuk mengaturnya bisa dilihat secara lengkap di sini.

Firewall di BB
Firewall di BB

Ok berikutnya iPhone 5.

Saya tidak berhasil menemukan cara apapun untuk mengusir SMS pengganggu di iPhone. Katanya ada aplikasi dari Cydia bernama iBlacklist yang bisa melakukan hal ini, dengan catatan iPhonenya di jailbreak. Saya males ngejail break iPhone, jadi belum pernah mencobanya. Menyebalkan.

Next, Nokia (Microsoft) Lumia 920. Pada awalnya, seperti halnya iPhone 5, tidak ada cara untuk memblokir SMS di mobile phone ini. Namun sekitar sebulan yang lalu ada update dari Windows, sekarang bisa memblokir SMS dari nomor tertentu, termasuk panggilan telepon. Sayangnya tidak ada fitur blokir berdasarkan frase tertentu. Tetapi lumayanlah daripada lumanyun.

Blok nomor di Lumia
Blok nomor di Lumia

Terakhir, di Samsung Galaxy S4. Untungnya mobile phone Android dari Samsung ini memiliki fitur anti SPAM built in. Jadi bukan install third party software. Menurut saya ini langkah cerdas, karena anti spam SMS seperti ini seharusnya ditangani di level OS atau aplikasi bawaan smart phonenya. Blokir nomor telpon atau SMS bisa berdasarkan nomor pengirim atau berdasarkan frase tertentu. Pesan yang terkena filter juga dikarantina dalam folder SPAM sehingga bila ada pesan baik yang terfilter tidak sengaja, masih bisa dikembalikan ke Inbox. SMART!

Karena fitur inilah, maka S4 saya gunakan sebagai primary phone, karena saya sangat membenci SMS Spam.

Kalau ada pengalaman yang bisa dibagi bersama, silakan ditambahkan di komentar di bawah ini yaa…

Transferring Address Book from Blackberry or Other Phone to Windows Phone (Lumia)

I just purchased a new phone since my Blackberry Torch 2 has problem with its internal (built in storage). This problem caused the phone  cannot be used since when it is restarted, it stopped when reaching 85% progress. iPhone 5 was first came to my mind (7 years ago I didn’t like iPhone but since I had iPad, I changed my mind), but because of it’s ridiculous price in Indonesian market, I need to look other alternative. Android is just like iPhone, cheaper but not better. I have 2 iPads and iPod Touch gGen #1. iPad 1 (my children has claimed it as theirs at home) and iPad 3 (for my daily business activity). If I took Android gadget (my wife has Galaxy Note), I will have a gadget with similar user interface like iPad. But definitely not better. No, I am not a fan boy. I am a gadget freak, and I believe I can judge quite objectively. iDevice is still the best gadget in the market in term of  the completeness of applications, simplicity, and responsive user interface. Until now, I can say I have no chemistry with Android as a user. As a developer, I would probably create an application in that platform. Blackberry Z10 has arrived. I went to Blackberry store and I found that RIM is trying to combine Windows 8 and iOS. But the GUI for me is pretty clumsy. No Whatsapp at the moment, we still need couple of months until it’s ready. So basically RIM hasn’t cooked its product well done yet. Ok, now time to compare with Lumia 920. I used to be a Nokia fans. Lumia 920 is claimed has a good camera with a responsive user interface. When I was at the Nokia store they sold it with a free wireless charger.  Since I have Acer Iconia and Lenovo Twist, both with Windows 8, I would like to try the new Nokia Win 8. It has offline map for driving (doesn’t has to connect to Internet).

Ok, now it’s time to transfer all of my contacts (thousands) from long time ago since I used Nokia and now it has merged in Blackberry contact. Actually it’s pretty easy to transfer the contacts. Basically I just sync your contacts to Microsoft Outlook, and export all contacts to CSV, and upload it to Microsoft People at Ensure that we have a microsoft account (hotmail, outlook, etc) and use the same account in Lumia. When I uploaded the file, it didn’t say error, it just return to Import screen. There must be something wrong with the file. So I discussed it with a fellow in Microsoft, and he suggested me to code a small tool to detect which line may causing the problem. In less than half of an hour I successfully made the tool and spot which line that causing the error. The problem is with all contacts that have notes. Since notes usually stored as memo, it has several lines. When using CSV, those lines will be treated just like a new record. That’s the problem. Microsoft actually should ignore all bad records and store the valid ones. This tool doesn’t correct the CSV but it will spot suspicious lines that may cause a problem when we try to import it.

Problem found
Problem found

After deleting unwanted records:

Looks Good
Looks Good


The algorithm is pretty straight forward. Iterate all records in the CSV file, if you spot suspicious character, show it in the memo result.

currentChar := UpperCase(Copy(list[i], j, 1))[1];
if Not (CharInSet(currentChar, ['0'..'9']) or CharInSet(currentChar, ['A'..'Z']) or
 CharInSet(currentChar, ['(', ')', '/', ',', '"', '-', '.', ' ', '@', '+', '_', '<', '>', ''''])) then
  mmResult.Lines.Add('Line : ' + VarToStr(i+1) + ' containing ' + QuotedStr(VarToStr(currentChar)) + ' : ' + list[i]);

You may download the tool here, with your own risk.

My Lumia look and feel:


Game puzzle ini aku unduh setelah terpilih sebagai App of the Week minggu lalu. Begitu aku lihat gratis, langsung saja aku sikat. Ceritanya sangat sederhana namun setiap levelnya sungguh menantang. Kisahnya sederhana, anak kecil yang ingusan ingin bermain bersama kawan-kawannya. Namun datanglah sekelompok monster yang akan menculik mereka. Hanya si anak kecil yang ingusan itu yang tidak tertangkap dan ia berusaha membebaskan kawan-kawannya.

Yang menarik dari game ini adalah kesederhanaan konsepnya. Panduan cara bermain ditunjukkan tanpa tulisan apapun, hanya petunjuk gambar yang bisa kita mengerti. Tingkat kesulitan bertambah setiap levelnya dan memaksa kita untuk berpikir tujuan dari tiap levelnya.

Musik dan soundtracknya begitu menawan dan menghibur. Ilustrasi gambarnya menarik. Game ini cocok dimainkan untuk usia 6 tahun ke atas. Versi iPhone/iPodnya gratis! Sangat direkomendasikan buat mereka yang menyukai teka-teki. 8/10.

Gesundheit ini artinya semoga sehat, mirip God Bless dalam bahasa Inggris, atau Yarhamukallah dalam bahasa Arab, doa ketika mendengar seseorang bersin.


Word Cruncher Helper for Draw Something Phenomenon and Letter Press App

If you get stucked or start to yelling WTF of the meaning of your opponent’s drawing when playing the famous Social Drawing Application – Draw Something, this simple tool may help you to reduce the millions or probably trillions of the possibility answer for the question. Use this application wisely since it may spoil the fun of the game. Use it just when you want to keep the long streak that you have achieved with your opponent and you are in a deep stress unable guessing the question.

This tool was coded using Delphi and it uses dictionary found by googling from this site. Of course the result of this tool really depends with the entry of the dictionary. You may add your own words, celebrity names, famous phrases, etc by manually add your own entries in the dictionary.txt file which comes along with the application. Ensure the file is located in the same folder with the application. You may share the application freely or share the link among of your friends who play the game. You may download the application from this link.

Actually you may get help from the bomb feature to eliminate some unused letters when you get stucked. The problem is, you have a limited bomb to use. When you are running out of bombs, you may purchase it from the store, adding some money to Draw Something. This tool eliminate you from purchasing any bombs (1200 coins for 4.99 USD, 3000 coins for 9.99 USD, and 10000 coins for 24.99 USD). So this cool tool really save you money!!!

Here is the source code (you may enhance it or put some refactoring to increase the speed) or recoding it with your favorite programming language. Click this link to see the code.

Here is the sample of images that you may not find in the dictionary. You’re on your own.

The reason I made this tool was one night, I was really sleepy in my bedroom, and yet still playing this addictive game. I wrote a sentence to my opponent before drawing the question : This is the last drawing before go to bed. Good Night. And then I touched the erase icon to erase the sentence and drew the question. The next morning I grabbed my iPad, my opponent replied my sentence with Good Night, and she forgot to draw the question!!! There are thousands of possible words that I need to try. I have 36 turn in streak that both of us always correctly guess the answer. I don’t want to start from all over again, so I decided to code this tool. Hahaha.. another excuse to code for a programmer, huh?

The other reason was when my son  playing the same game in his iPod touch, his opponent drew numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. And NO OTHER CLUE. We were thinking about words: COUNTING, NUMBERS, MATH, etc. When we gave up, the actual answer was PASSWORD. This is a kind of WTF drawing that impossible to guess, and with this tool you may avoid crunching all possibilities with just a reasonable number of guess.


How to use the application:

  1. Download the zip file from the link above, and extract it to a folder
  2. There are 2 files, first is the application, WordCruncher.exe and dictionary.txt. Run the application by double clicking on the WordCruncher.exe
  3. Put all the letters available in Choice of letters (12 length)
  4. Choose the length of the answer
  5. Click Crunch button to get the possible result
  6. You may double click the word in the result box to launch the browser with the meaning of the word

Enjoy the game (you can get it from Apple AppStore or Google Play (Androit Market)) ,  and enjoy this tool but use it wisely!

======================== EDITED ON 3rd Nov 2012  ==========================

Letterpress App just launched. I modified a bit so it can be used for Draw Something and Letter Press. Same link for  this ver2.0. To get the password of the zip file, please email to word.cruncher.application at
Put in the subject : PASSWORD

Put in the body:







Infinity Blade

Game yang dibandrol sekitar 54 ribu perak ini jalan dengan optimal di iPad dan iPod Touchku. Benar-benar membunuh waktu luang dengan grafik dan kontrolnya yang ciamik. Mengayun pedang, blocking, mengambil item, dan aksi lainnya bisa dilakukan secara halus. Sinematografisnya menarik dengan ide cerita yang sederhana, rekursif, dan unik.

Slideshow ini membutuhkan JavaScript.

*Awas Spoiler*

Ceritanya ada raja lalim yang sangat digdaya yang memerintah sebuah kerajaan. Datanglah seorang ksatria yang ingin menumbangkannya dengan mendatangi kastil yang dijaga banyak penjaga. Setelah melalui beberapa penjaga sang ksatria dibantai oleh sang raja. 18 tahun kemudian..  keturunan sang ksatria datang untuk membalaskan dendam sang ayah. Masuk ke kastil, bertarung, dan mati. Namun skill dan senjatanya selalu diupgrade sehingga antara satu keturunan dengan keturunan selanjutnya selalu lebih hebat. Game ini gabungan aksi dan strategi. Kita harus pintar-pintar memilih item yang akan kita upgrade dan kita gunakan untuk bertempur sesuai karakteristik musuhnya. Item tertentu memiliki bonus yang berbeda-beda. Ada yang menambah jumlah uang yang ditemukan, ada yang menambah jumlah potion untuk nyawa, item untuk bertarung seperti cincin, helm, perisai, maupun pedang. Yang menarik ada level di mana kita melawan sang raja untuk diberi pilihan akan bergabung dengan raja yang lalim itu atau memilih tetap melawan. Pilihan untuk bergabung akan membuat game ini otomatis berakhir.

Coming Soon : game ini akan dilengkapi dengan item lebih baru dan musuh baru serta bisa multiplayer di Game Center.

Seru dan bikin ketagihan! Score 9/10.

Kenapa Aku Ilfil dengan iPhone 3G

Indonesia lagi diserbu demam iPhone 3G dari Telkomsel. Setelah beberapa tahun terakhir Indonesia ngiler dengan iPhone, akhirnya Telkomsel menggandeng Apple untuk menjual iPhone 3G. Apakah masyarakat kita yang doyan life style ini bakalan memborong habis dan menjadikan iPhone 3G laris manis? Belum tentu.

Ada beberapa hal yang mungkin dijadikan pertimbangan sebelum membeli gadget ini.

Pertama, momentum. iPhone bisa dikatakan sudah kehilangan momentum. Pergerakan inovasi gadget hitungannya hanya bulan, kalau nggak bisa dibilang minggu. Ketika iPhone non 3G diributkan oleh penduduk Indonesia, barang itu cuma muter di luar Indonesia, seperti Cina dan Jepang. Hasilnya, ketika akhirnya iPhone 3G keluar, banyak sekali kompetitornya yang sudah keluar. Dari Nokia, sudah ada gadget yang lebih ekonomis yang punya banyak kelebihan dibanding iPhone, yaitu Nokia 5800 Express Music.

Berikutnya adalah fitur. Coba deh lihat matriks perbandingannya di sini.
-5800 unggul dari segi harga
-Lebih ringan
-Memori bisa diupgrade
-Resolusi jauh lebih tinggi, meski layar lebih kecil
-Nokia software bisa copy and paste, software iPhone gak bisa
-Music bisa donwload gratis setahun, iPhone mesti beli di iTune
-Batere nokia bisa diganti, iPhone gak bisa
Dan Nokia, pertengahan tahun ini bakalan mengeluarkan N97 dengan fitur lebih edan dari 5800.

Fitur andalan N97:


  • a 3.5 inch widescreen 16:9 touchscreen
  • full QWERTY slideout keyboard
  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and dual LED flash
  • up to 32 GB of storage
  • up to 16GB additional memory via microSD (jadi total bisa 48 Gb!!)
  • Symbian S60 5th Edition
  • up to 37 hours of music / up to 4.5 hours of video
  • A-GPS and GPS
  • HSDPA, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, stereo Bluetooth connectivity
  • a 3.5mm headphone jack.



Belum ngomongin kompetitor lain seperti Blackberry atau Xperia dari Sony. Alasan berikutnya adalah layanan purna jual. Belum jelas nanti kalau iPhone rusak mau dibenerin di mana. Bandingkan dengan layanan bengkel Nokia yang banyak dijumpai di Mal sekalipun.

Alasan berikutnya adalah apa bener Anda butuh ganti gadget sekarang? Atau cuma lapar mata aja? Hehehe.. coba kalkulasi lagi dan jadilah customer yang cerdas. Life style ok, kemudahan kerja ok, secara ekonomis gimana? Investasi gadget yang sekarang udah balik modal belum? Sudah memakai semua fitur? Atau hanya pengen ganti karena bosan?

Kalau saya mungkin saat ini masih dengan Nokia E51. Murah meriah, bisa WiFi dan 3G. Kalaupun mau ganti mungkin saya akan menunggu E97 keluar pertengahan tahun ini.

Gambar dari sini.