Aplikasi Penting buat Para Petualang

Saya suka sekali berpetualang, mengunjungi daerah yang baru, terutama yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Namun dalam proses perencanaan perjalanan, panduan selama perjalanan, sampai di tempat tujuan, hingga kembali ke rumah, semuanya membutuhkan aplikasi. Nah izinkan saya berbagi kepada kalian, wahai petualang zaman now, aplikasi yang saya sukai dan saya sering gunakan untuk berpetualang. Saya terinspirasi tulisan kawan blogger Mas Febriyan Lukito dalam salah satu tulisannya tentang travel blogger profesional mengenai hal ini.

Ceritakan juga di komentar aplikasi apa yang kalian pakai namun tidak saya sebutkan di sini ya. Siapa tahu saya tertarik juga untuk menggunakannya.

Menentukan Tujuan Wisata

Sebelum pergi, saya biasa mencari informasi tujuan wisata mana yang ingin dikunjungi. Apakah wisata pantai atau gunung. Di dalam atau luar negeri. Berkemah atau di hotel. Backpacking atau tidak, dan seterusnya. Ada beberapa aplikasi yang biasa saya gunakan.

googleAplikasi Google for Mobile. Apa saja yang biasa saya lakukan dengan aplikasi ini?

  1. Bisa mencari dengan fitur suara (OK Google, ….)
  2. Mencari ulasan tempat yang ingin dikunjungi
  3. Melihat gambar-gambar yang tujuan wisata
  4. Dan banyak lagi lainnya

Setelah tujuan wisata positif ditentukan, kini menentukan jarak tempuh ke sana. Untuk mengetahui jarak dua titik, saya menggunakan Google Maps.

google Maps

Setelah tahu jarak dan rute alternatifnya, kini menentukan aplikasi untuk menuju lokasi. Lanjutkan membaca Aplikasi Penting buat Para Petualang

Transferring Address Book from Blackberry or Other Phone to Windows Phone (Lumia)

I just purchased a new phone since my Blackberry Torch 2 has problem with its internal (built in storage). This problem caused the phone  cannot be used since when it is restarted, it stopped when reaching 85% progress. iPhone 5 was first came to my mind (7 years ago I didn’t like iPhone but since I had iPad, I changed my mind), but because of it’s ridiculous price in Indonesian market, I need to look other alternative. Android is just like iPhone, cheaper but not better. I have 2 iPads and iPod Touch gGen #1. iPad 1 (my children has claimed it as theirs at home) and iPad 3 (for my daily business activity). If I took Android gadget (my wife has Galaxy Note), I will have a gadget with similar user interface like iPad. But definitely not better. No, I am not a fan boy. I am a gadget freak, and I believe I can judge quite objectively. iDevice is still the best gadget in the market in term of  the completeness of applications, simplicity, and responsive user interface. Until now, I can say I have no chemistry with Android as a user. As a developer, I would probably create an application in that platform. Blackberry Z10 has arrived. I went to Blackberry store and I found that RIM is trying to combine Windows 8 and iOS. But the GUI for me is pretty clumsy. No Whatsapp at the moment, we still need couple of months until it’s ready. So basically RIM hasn’t cooked its product well done yet. Ok, now time to compare with Lumia 920. I used to be a Nokia fans. Lumia 920 is claimed has a good camera with a responsive user interface. When I was at the Nokia store they sold it with a free wireless charger.  Since I have Acer Iconia and Lenovo Twist, both with Windows 8, I would like to try the new Nokia Win 8. It has offline map for driving (doesn’t has to connect to Internet).

Ok, now it’s time to transfer all of my contacts (thousands) from long time ago since I used Nokia and now it has merged in Blackberry contact. Actually it’s pretty easy to transfer the contacts. Basically I just sync your contacts to Microsoft Outlook, and export all contacts to CSV, and upload it to Microsoft People at http://people.live.com. Ensure that we have a microsoft account (hotmail, outlook, etc) and use the same account in Lumia. When I uploaded the file, it didn’t say error, it just return to Import screen. There must be something wrong with the file. So I discussed it with a fellow in Microsoft, and he suggested me to code a small tool to detect which line may causing the problem. In less than half of an hour I successfully made the tool and spot which line that causing the error. The problem is with all contacts that have notes. Since notes usually stored as memo, it has several lines. When using CSV, those lines will be treated just like a new record. That’s the problem. Microsoft actually should ignore all bad records and store the valid ones. This tool doesn’t correct the CSV but it will spot suspicious lines that may cause a problem when we try to import it.

Problem found
Problem found

After deleting unwanted records:

Looks Good
Looks Good


The algorithm is pretty straight forward. Iterate all records in the CSV file, if you spot suspicious character, show it in the memo result.

currentChar := UpperCase(Copy(list[i], j, 1))[1];
if Not (CharInSet(currentChar, ['0'..'9']) or CharInSet(currentChar, ['A'..'Z']) or
 CharInSet(currentChar, ['(', ')', '/', ',', '"', '-', '.', ' ', '@', '+', '_', '<', '>', ''''])) then
  mmResult.Lines.Add('Line : ' + VarToStr(i+1) + ' containing ' + QuotedStr(VarToStr(currentChar)) + ' : ' + list[i]);

You may download the tool here, with your own risk.

My Lumia look and feel: