Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Black and White (Someone is Sleepy)

Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Black and White (Someone is Sleepy)

An old cigarette street vendor was sitting on railroad in sleepy mode, waiting for customers. Life is tough, though.

The picture was taken here using Nokia Lumia and edited using Fotor for Win8 as my contribution for this challenge.

Jadwal Kereta Commuter Line dari Serpong ke Tanah Abang per 1 April 2013


Mulai 1 April 2013 kereta ekonomi hanya dilayani dari Stasiun Serpong, dan tidak berhenti di stasiun Rawa Buntu. Meski PT KAI mengklaim jumlah kereta lebih banyak, namun tidak signifikan jumlahnya di sekitar pukul 8 karena masih dikuasai ekonomi yang justru tidak berhenti. Alih-alih bertambah, justru peluang naik dari stasiun Rawa Buntu mengecil. Jika KRL ekonomi jumlahnya dikurangi atau ditiadakan dan diganti AC baru jumlah keretanya bertambah.

Di Singapur kereta datang tiap 4 menit sekali, Serpong – Tanah Abang sekitar 30 menit sekali. Saya prediksi jumlahnya akan semakin padat saja. Sepertinya para roker ( rombongan kereta ) dari seputar BSD harus naik dari Stasiun Serpong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Detail

This week’s challenge is lost in detail:

I took it when I drove my car to my hometown. When I passed this bridge, I saw those colorful boats and I stopped my car to take it with my iPad. Since it was almost dusk, I used ProHDR to took it to get the detail color. I removed the electricity cable on top of those boat using Photoshop Touch in my iPad.

This post, the image, and the editing process were done using iPad only.

Totally mobile 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

This week’s challenge is Kiss.

This picture was taken when me and my family went to Safari Garden near Puncak Bogor, Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia. A couple of zebras were kissing each other when I took the pic. Well, I was not really sure whether they were kissing each other or just whispering..

Just assume they’re kissing 🙂

Kissing Zebras
Kissing Zebras


This one I took it at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, when I took a prewedding photo session of my colleagues. During a break, the future groom took a handkerchief to sweep his face. I captured the moment as if they were kissing hahaha…

Kiss or ....
Kissing or ….


Kissing or not, I can guarantee that the zebras and my colleagues were in love 😀