Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro (A Bug’s Life)

Have you ever imagined to live like an ant? Imagine that you are an ant and living on a big tree. What would you see from your point of view?

There pictures are my contribution for the 2nd Monday of May for Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge – Macro  (I know it was late because of my hectic days at office and playing Hearthstone at home :).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Love. I present you a rather abstract concept of love. I took this picture on a travel to my home town, 330 km away from my residence, several years ago. In the middle of the journey, I saw those trees, and then I stopped my car, took out my Canon 550D, and captured them. Somehow, the trees like telling the world that there are so many trees in this world, but here we are, just you and me, close each other, live happily ever after…

Just U and Me
Just U and Me

The other obvious candidate of love images are:

  1. Me and my wife on our wedding day (new couple in love)
  2. A gift to orphans in a religious event (empathy)
  3. My Dad and My Mom (long love husband and wife)
  4. My Son and My Daughter (love brother to his sister)
  5. My Wife’s aunt who just lost her husband (love that never die)

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