Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week’s WordPress Photo challenge is beyond. I’ve got 3 images in my collection that felt “beyond” to me.


My daughter between my wife and my father and my son
My daughter between my wife and my father and my son

The image above shows my daughter at her 3 years birthday, having hair cut at Kiddy Cut. If you see the blurred face very close to the camera, actually it’s my wife. If you look beyond my daughter there are two people sitting, the big one in white is my father and a boy next to him is my son. I took the image deliberately to put my daughter in the middle of two blurred areas. Something that quite rare for me to do, since usually I just create two areas when playing depth of field, the bokeh usually in the background. I use my Canon 550D with fix len 50 mm, f1.8.

My son, Rayyan, beyond the ice cream
My son, Rayyan, beyond the ice cream

The image above I took it when we had a vacation to Puncak Bogor West Java, Indonesia. It shows my 8 years old son holding an ice cream in his hand. I set the focus point to the ice cream, so basically my son is beyond the ice cream :). I took it using my 70-200 f2.8 lens.

A pelican beyond trees
A pelican beyond trees

This one I took at Safari Garden, Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia. A pelican swam toward me and I captured it when exactly beyond the trees. This one also using the 70-200 f2.8 lens.

Well, those are my beyonds. What’s yours?


Rayyan in Action

Berikut ini adalah foto-foto Rayyan, anakku yang pertama, berenang dan bersepeda.

Slideshow ini membutuhkan JavaScript.

Untuk gambar yang berenang, olah digital menggunakan Gimp 2.6.11. Yang dilakukan adalah:

  1. Gunakan scissors tools untuk memilih object
  2. Tekan enter untuk melakukan selection
  3. Select invert untuk memilih di luar object Rayyan
  4. Pilih menu Colors – Desaturate untuk mengubah background menjadi hitam putih

Untuk gambar sepeda menggunakan Filters -> Distort -> Emboss -> Bumpmap