Board Game: War of the Words

Hi everybody!

This posting will be dedicated to announce and discuss about my first board game : War of the Words. This game was elected as one of 20 official board games which eligible to be displayed in Essen Spiel 2019 Board Game Yearly Exhibition in Germany.

I will update the components, rule book, and the mechanic of the game soon! Consider this posting as a teaser 🙂

Read the story here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This week’s photo challenge is Forward.

The following picture I took last year, in a prewed photo session of a friend of mine. They decided to get married as a forward step to be together in love forever…

Walking forward together in love...
Walking forward together in love…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge topic is unique. Actually, it was not that easy for me to picked a pic that means unique, since I believe, everything has it’s own uniqueness. I could simply choose any picture since the time when I took it was (always) unique. Even the EXIF of each picture is always unique.

Let’s see the definition of unique from Internet:

1. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique copy of an ancient manuscript.
2. having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable: Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint.
3. limited in occurrence to a given class, situation, or area: a species unique to Australia.
4. limited to a single outcome or result; without alternative possibilities: Certain types of problems have unique solutions.
5. not typical; unusual: She has a very unique smile.

So I decided to take a new photo that meant unique. I took several cards from Scrabble Card Games and picked one picture card from Pictureka Card Games to show the topic. I took the pic using my Canon 550D, 15-85 mm, set the focus point on the penguin, apply tilt shift effect using Fotor in my Iconia W510 Windows 8 tablet.

Hope you like it 🙂

The unique penguin
The unique penguin


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire

This week’s challenge is Fire. I took this campfire picture when me and my colleagues went camping near mount Slamet, Central Java, Indonesia, around 1500 m above sea level. It was cold so the fire really warmed our body.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

This week’s Fun Photo Challenge theme is Wood. I took the capture few days ago in a train station when I was on the way to my office. I work 5 days a week in an area full of concretes from 7 am to 8 pm. It was rather difficult for me to hunt woods when the challenge came 🙂

I took the photo using my Blackberry Torch 2 and isolated the red-brown color from other colors using Lightroom.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Love. I present you a rather abstract concept of love. I took this picture on a travel to my home town, 330 km away from my residence, several years ago. In the middle of the journey, I saw those trees, and then I stopped my car, took out my Canon 550D, and captured them. Somehow, the trees like telling the world that there are so many trees in this world, but here we are, just you and me, close each other, live happily ever after…

Just U and Me
Just U and Me

The other obvious candidate of love images are:

  1. Me and my wife on our wedding day (new couple in love)
  2. A gift to orphans in a religious event (empathy)
  3. My Dad and My Mom (long love husband and wife)
  4. My Son and My Daughter (love brother to his sister)
  5. My Wife’s aunt who just lost her husband (love that never die)

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