What is your Blogger Personality Profile?

For anyone who blogs, try to take this fun quiz to determine the characteristic of your blog. Yes, fun guaranteed.


Ra-Son Blogger Type Indicator (BTI) Profile Test

A psychometric analysis of your blogger personality profile.

ra-sonThis test is a method of determining your preferred blog construct in respect to motivations, values, interests, and community.

My husband and I masterminded this little test because (a) we were bored and (b) we wanted some way to differentiate the needs of bloggers.  We decided a personality profile would be the easiest way to determine the motivations and dreams of a blogger, as well as their natural preferences towards different types of action and topics.  All this to answer questions like:

  • “Does every blogger want more followers?”
  • “Is a blogger with something to gain from blogging doing everything in their power to maximize their efforts?”
  • “Are bloggers with a message meeting their goals most effectively?”
  • “Are people’s real-life preferences affecting their blog’s persona, and if so is that a good thing?”

Methods & Limitations:

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  1. 😀 Thanks for the re-blog!! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the quiz! 😀

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