Transferring Address Book from Blackberry or Other Phone to Windows Phone (Lumia)

I just purchased a new phone since my Blackberry Torch 2 has problem with its internal (built in storage). This problem caused the phone  cannot be used since when it is restarted, it stopped when reaching 85% progress. iPhone 5 was first came to my mind (7 years ago I didn’t like iPhone but sinceLanjutkan membaca “Transferring Address Book from Blackberry or Other Phone to Windows Phone (Lumia)”

Review Acer Iconia W510

Setelah beberapa lama mengunakan tablet Acer Iconia W510 dengan storage 32Gb dan hanya Wifi, izinkan saya berbagi pengalaman dalam menggunakannya. Karena kebetulan saya juga menggunakan iPad generasi ketiga dan juga Ultrabook Lenovo Twist, maka saya akan coba bandingkan satu sama lain. iPad 3, Iconia, dan Lenovo Twist Acer Iconia bisa dipersandingkan dengan iPad, namun tidakLanjutkan membaca “Review Acer Iconia W510”

Ball Strike – An Augmented Reality Game for Exercising!

I found the game from my Windows 8 Lenovo Twist and quite amazed with it. It uses augmented reality technology to make your body move! The game is pretty simple. It will show balls in many colors and what you have to do is standing 7 feet or about 2 meters in front of yourLanjutkan membaca “Ball Strike – An Augmented Reality Game for Exercising!”