Ball Strike – An Augmented Reality Game for Exercising!

I found the game from my Windows 8 Lenovo Twist and quite amazed with it. It uses augmented reality technology to make your body move! The game is pretty simple. It will show balls in many colors and what you have to do is standing 7 feet or about 2 meters in front of your gadget (Windows 8 device or iPad) and move your hands/feet to zap all those balls. Seems pretty easy, but if you do it around 10 – 20 minutes, you’ll be full of sweat!

If you like Kinect, you will like the cheap version of it 🙂

I tried it for about 15 minutes and already burned 188 calories!

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Hi, my name is Wisnu Widiarta. I am a movie lover and love traveling especially camping and doing outdoor activities. Coding and problem solving in general are things I love as well.

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