The bugs that haunt you are the bugs you must avoid in the future…

Dear My Bright Team,

The Project “C” is (almost) over. We should take lessons and best
practices when we fight and struggle day and night several months ago.

But the war is not over yet. For the greater battle in Project “P”
Field is coming toward us.

All the bug creatures which have wound you (at least your pride) in the
last battle should be examined and carefully anticipated.

The exceptions, related with number format, The Dementor null pointer
exception, wrongfully call ambigous method names, the dilemma of
obscure views, negligence syndromes, misleading comments, the absences of javadoc
comments, the avada cadavra of magic numbers still daunting our life.

I do not emphasize your mistakes. Everybody has a mistake. But those
who learn from their mistakes will gain benefits beyond their

Don’t fall in the same trap hole. Bugs free or Code Harder!

Best regards,

Wisnu Widiarta


Email di atas aku kirim ke semua developerku, di akhir fase project C,
dan di awal fase project P. Kita emang harus belajar dari kesalahan
(bugs), dan berusaha untuk dihindari di projek selanjutnya. Dengan begitu
quality yang dideliver ke client akan lebih baik seiring berjalannya waktu.

Ada yang punya pengalaman dengan bugs?


Diterbitkan oleh wisnuwidiarta

Hi, my name is Wisnu Widiarta. I am a movie lover and love traveling especially camping and doing outdoor activities. Coding and problem solving in general are things I love as well.

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