Letterpress for iOS, a Brand New Word Game with Adrenalin

A new app, Letterpress,  just came from Apple Store, created by Loren Brichter who created the best Twitter App, called Twetie which is bought by Twitter. The game is totally addictive, you may need a few games for learning curve, and you know exactly how to win.

The rule is simple. You are given 5×5 letters without background color. Meaning, nobody owns them. You will play with exactly one opponent, you may invite him/her from Game Center, or the servers will pick one randomly for you. Once the letters being played to form a valid word based on their dictionary, the background of the letter will turn to either your or your opponents, depends who plays them. The game is over when all letters are used at least once. The winner is the one who owns more letters than his/her opponents. You may protect your own letter by surrounding it with your own other letters. All protected letters cannot be turned to the opponent when they are protected.

Tips for the game:

  1. Try not only form a long word (use as many as possible letters), but also think how to protect your own letters
  2. When there are few letters left being used, try to form a word long enough using those unclaimed letters with final amount of your letters more than your opponent has

As usual, after creating a helper application for Draw Something phenomenon in my earlier blog here, I updated the application so it can be used for Letterpress as well. Well, don’t use it if you don’t want to lose the excitement of playing the game! But if you insist, you can download the ‘helper’ here.

Letter Press in Action!

The pink letters are belong to my opponent but still can be turned when I use them. The red one cannot. It is protected.

Word Cruncher for Letterpress and Draw Something

This helper application comes with a dictionary.txt that contains words from internet. Since the Letterpress dictionary is different with this app’s, this helper sometimes cannot help you 🙂

You may group all words with the same length by dragging the header of the column (length) to upper area of the grid. Or you may filter it by clicking the pick column / combobox for length header.

Filtering the result by its length

Or you may filter all results with 8 in length and contains S and K, like this.

All words with S and K and 8 in length

Once again, don’t over use this helper app since it will ruin the excitement. Use your own brain, not the CPU 🙂

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Hi, my name is Wisnu Widiarta. I am a movie lover and love traveling especially camping and doing outdoor activities. Coding and problem solving in general are things I love as well.

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