An Evening Near Cisauk Train Station

This evening, an hour before dusk, I drove my car alone to take any pictures that probably I would like. I stopped my car near Cisauk Train Station. It was the first time I’ve been there, around 12 km away from my home..

Cisauk Train Station

Cisauk Train Station


Some people live near the station seem enjoy their evening time there. Kids are playing football, riding bicycle, having bonding time with their family. Some men are working as motorcycle taxy, we call it here, ojek (o – jack).


The station are surrounded by plants like banana and other trees. Goats eat grass and just running around unguarded. It was peaceful to be there and nice to have some conversation with people I met there.


Hope you like the pictures.

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  1. kambingnya nggak ada pupnya yah… 😀

  2. I like your “brother and sister”!

    • Thank you Sir!
      Their father is a motorcycle taxi rider (ojek) around the train station.
      They are playing there with their mother also.

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