Best Interior Design Application in Tablet

If you ever need an application for interior design, Interior Design for iPad is one of great investment you’re looking for! I have a plan to renovate my home and Google for such an app. I checked the website and from the screen captures, I knew it that that’s the one I want.

The cool things that you can do with this app are:

  1. Design a blue print design from scratch in many floors!
  2. Put doors, windows, furniture, home appliances, kitchen stuffs, in 2D and real time 3D design!
  3. Change colors and materials for walls, furniture, and floors using more than 3300 materials!
  4. The video tutorial is helpful, but I can use almost all of the features even without need to watch it first. The user interface is absolutely so intuitive!
  5. Avoid spend money for building something that you regret by simulating it first using this app!

You don’t have to graduate from Architecture Major in University for designing your own home 🙂

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