Weekly Photo Challenge: Room, Extra, Extra, and Between

Being occupied by Hearthstone and working load at office made me miss the challenges. Now with this posting, I put all of the last three challenges here.

First, the Room challenge. I took this pantry room at Microsoft Singapore. Great for lunch at office 🙂


Compare your pantry room for lunch at office with it 🙂

Second challenge is Extra, Extra – share a photo that has a little something extra: an unexpected visitor, or a tranquil landscape with a splash of color. A lone carrot in a sea of peas. Draw us in with a humorous detail, or find a photo with an added element that makes it an image only you could capture.

I present you, a portrait of a woman. With an extra, a baby inside 🙂

Extra, Extra
Extra, Extra

The latest challenge is Between. The picture was taken today itself, during a family gathering among us at University of Indonesia, next to the lake. The picture showing a girl between her sisters.

In Between
In Between


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

The last weekly photo challenge in May 2014 was this.

For this week’s challenge, we want you to become a documentary photographer and attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing. Put your National Geographic hat on and tell a story by documenting a moment in time through a single image.

This picture was taken using my Canon 550D when I went camping to Ciwidey this year. In early morning I grabbed my camera and start exploring the camp area and stumbled upon this man with his daughter. His little girl was trying to learn to walk that time. All I could see is love… from a man to his daughter..

Learning to Walk
Learning to Walk

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that perfect ice cream cone, a yummy bit of liquorice, or something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you.

For me, twist is a twist 🙂 One of its meaning is a form into a spiral shape.

The picture was taken inside an IMAX Theatre when I watched Godzilla several days ago. No, I didn’t record the movie nor taking the picture of the movie since it is forbidden. I just love the introductory welcome message when the movie is about to be played. It shows a spectacular animation how IMAX will make you believe. IMAX is believing.

Have you been twisted by IMAX?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Last week’s challenge was Spring. By dictionary, spring is

the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November. Since I live in Indonesia where we know only dry and wet season, then I imagine that spring is when everything is blooming, whenever it is :). So here is my contribution for the theme. I took it using my 550D during my camping vacation with my family, a morning after a short hard rain.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

This week’s challenge is On Top. I took the picture several days ago when me went camping with my kids at Ranca Upas, Ciwidey. On of the facility is a tree house. Taken using Canon 550D, 15-85 mm, add the saturation a bit using Fotor for Win 8. The complete pics for the vacation can be found here.

On Top
On Top

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s challenge is threshold.

In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that captures the threshold — that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning. It could be a door about to open, or something a bit more metaphorical like a flower about to bloom. Looking forward to seeing how you capture “threshold.”

– Krista

From Internet:

noun: threshold; plural noun: thresholds
  1. 1.
    a strip of wood, metal, or stone forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house or room.
    synonyms: doorstep, doorway, entrance, entry, door, gate, gateway, portal, doorsill More

    “the threshold of the church”
  2. 2.
    the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.
    “nothing happens until the signal passes the threshold”
    • the maximum level of radiation or a concentration of a substance considered to be acceptable or safe.
      “their water would meet the safety threshold of 50 milligrams of nitrates per liter”
      synonyms: lower limit, minimum More

      “the human threshold of pain”
    • PhysiologyPsychology
      a limit below which a stimulus causes no reaction.
      “everyone has a different pain threshold”
    • a level, rate, or amount at which something comes into effect.
      “the tax threshold has risen to $10,492 of adjusted gross income”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week’s challenge is Perspective. In this posting, we can see that cropping can change your perspective of a picture. In this picture, I try to present you a different perspective by rotating and applying a tilt shift effect on a picture. The picture was taken using iPhone 5 and edited using Fotor for Windows 8.

Reflection on a never never land…

Now, let’s take a look the original picture:

Real Image
Real Image

Technology, can change your perspective 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

This week’s challenge is Abandoned. I took the picture with my iPhone when jogging several days ago near my home. Probably the constructor/developer got problem in funding or so. Too bad actually, so many people need affordable housing like this.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This week’s challenge is Threes.

Michelle said :

If you want to try a three-picture story, great! If not, try three images of the same subject taken from different perspectives, three images of the same thing at different times, or even a single image inspired by “three” — three flowers blooming in a line, three dogs frolicking at the park, three cars waiting at a stoplight.

I present you three of my mobile phones, in three different Operating Systems and three different browsers, loading Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes, that showing three-picture story, as my contribution in this week’s challenge, Threes. 🙂

Three on Three
Three on Three

Dear Readers, show me your threes!