Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

This week’s photo challenge theme is “Treat,” an intentionally open-ended prompt. For many, candies aren’t a favorite indulgence. Maybe you’re a savory food lover, or you’ve gone on a beautiful vacation to treat yourself. Perhaps some quiet time alone with a beloved novel is your greatest pleasure. This week, share with us a photo of something that you consider a marvelous treat.

One evening after a hard work day, I went to a pizza restaurant, ordered a cold lovely beverage and one big hot pizza with chilly and jalapeno. Those were not everything – one good book from Walter Isaacson to accompany me enjoying the evening. A full treat for my self.

Book and good beverage

Book and good beverage

So hot pizza

So hot pizza


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  1. Beautiful pizza! Looks delicious. Happy Halloween.

  2. Jadi kangen makan pizza, kayak nya dah 4 bulanan ngak melipir ke pizza

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