Yes Man (2008)

I watched this movie last night
while exercising using space glider.
I can burn so many calories while
watching movies I like. Some people like to eat something while watching movies
or television, and I like to reduce my fat while watchingPrison Break or simply, Oprah.

Back to the movie. The story is
about a man who avoid many opportunities coming in front of his nose and being
a “no” man instead of a “yes” man. Carl is a lonely guy, having no girl friend,
spending most of his nights watching movies from a movie rental. He prefer to be
a king in front of his television set rather than going out with his friends.
In most cases, he will make excuses to refuse something. Typical a loser. And
Jim Carrey is one of the best actor who convincing us to play such role.

His life is definitely so boring,
until he met a friend from the past, Nick, and suggesting him to come to a seminar how to be a YES man. He followed the
suggestion, and attending the seminar. He is forced to say YES by the speaker for
every opportunities he get in a year. When he was leaving the seminar, a bum
approached Carl and asked him whether he could give the bum a ride to a park.
Hesitating to answer, Nick suddenly appeared from the side of the car, and
persuaded Carl to say YES. Finally Carl let the bum to enter the car.
Surprisingly the bum asked Carl whether he could lend his mobile phone. And again,
feeling to obey the covenant he made in the seminar, he nodded and let the bum
using it. Finally when they arrived at the park, the battery of his mobile phone
was off and he found his car running out the gasoline. He was angry to himself,
wondering how fool he was to say YES to those opportunities. He had to take a
walk to the nearest gas station. And a young woman, Allison (starred by Zooey
Deschanel) riding a motorcycle suddenly came to the same gas station. She
offered him a ride to his car, and again, Carl said Yes. Both of them riding
the motorcycle in full thrilling experience and they ended the meeting with a
kiss. Started from that moment, Carl felt luck coming to his life when saying
YES to all his opportunities coming to him.

The conflict of this movie
appears when FBI suspect Carl and Allison (who had been going together after
they met accidentally in the second time) are terrorists and he had to tell
that he must say YES to all opportunities. Allison felt being betrayed and
thought that Carl had been said FALSE YES all the time. Allison said goodbye to

Did Carl finally get her heart
back? Go watch this movie!! I do like it, and the story was based on a true
story. Funny and not as craziest as typical Jim Carrey’s movies.

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Hi, my name is Wisnu Widiarta. I am a movie lover and love traveling especially camping and doing outdoor activities. Coding and problem solving in general are things I love as well.

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