Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (a Few Waterfalls Scenes from my Travels)

This Monday’s challenge is Nature. Sally’s posting is about her beach scenes from her travels, mine is about waterfall. I like beach but like waterfall more 🙂 The weather usually cooler. Beach is usually hot and sunny. Jakarta is hot, that’s why I prefer waterfall which usually located in higher land, with cooler weather.

You can feel the real power of water under the waterfall. Gravity and water are great combination to provide power and beauty at the same time. Every waterfall has its own tale and signature. With someone you love, you can create a romantic atmosphere near it.

Reader, do you have a special experience with any waterfall?

Among these shots, which scene you like most?

Curug Nangka
Curug Bidadari
Curug Bidadari
Curug Bidadari
Curug Bidadari
Curug Cibeureum
Curug Cibeureum
Curug Nangka
Tiu Kelep
Curug Cidahu
Curug Cidahu
Small Waterfall
Curug @ Gunung Bunder
Curug Ngumpet
Guci Waterfall

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Hi, my name is Wisnu Widiarta. I am a movie lover and love traveling especially camping and doing outdoor activities. Coding and problem solving in general are things I love as well.

12 tanggapan untuk “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (a Few Waterfalls Scenes from my Travels)

  1. They’re all engaging. But I especially enjoyed the first where the hikers are navigating the area. By the way the theme is nature, and you can do whatever you want. You do not have to use my specific interpretation. Happy Photo Challenge.

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